Temple of the Spiral Path

Welcome to the home of the Temple of the Spiral Path. Founded in 1995, our family of covens - Stranger's Gate and North Wyldewood - practices the Shadowfolk Tradition of Witchcraft.  We are dedicated to serving our community through ritual, education, and celebration.

Our tradition honors the artistic soul of the Old Religion through ritual music, transformative storytelling, poetry and the visual arts. Devotion to the Gods is expressed by drawing upon the magical creative abilities inherent in all people.

We facilitate open Sabbat rituals throughout the year, and run courses exploring Wicca and the Western Mystery Traditions.  For more on our class and ritual schedule, please see our EVENTS page.  



Continuing Events:

Stay tuned for details of this year's Shadowfolk Grove: First Steps on the Spiral Path, beginning in April. (Application available here.)

Details will also be posted soon about our 2018 intermediate-level Hearthfire program, which will begin in November.

NEXT WORKSHOP: Join Ruthann, an Elder of Strangers' Gate Coven on Saturday, March 10, from 12-2pm, for a Guided Meditation Workshop to Meet a Fairy Guide.  This event will is open to all, and will take place at the 8th Ave. Ripley Grier Studios.  

NEXT RITUAL: Open Ostara  Saturday, March 24, 12:30-3pm  For more details, see our EVENTS page.