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The Witches' Bookcase: "Love Magic"

By Denise, HPS


Our Spotlight Book this month is:  Love Magic: Over 250 Spells and Potions for Getting It, Keeping It, and Making It Last  by Lilith Dorsey


The title says it all.  Despite this being a very, very short book review, there’s much more to say about it.  Some of you, from Grove or Pagan Movie Night, may remember that I shared the story of my first love spell, back in high school.  At that time, my best friend did a reading for me and then took me to Magickal Childe to purchase a man-candle, a dram of love oil, and a packet of love incense. The author of "Love Magic" is that person!  I was 15 or 16 back then, so she REALLY knows her material well because that was … a lot … of years ago.  Lilith has been active in the pagan community for longer than I remember (30 years give or take), has led large rituals, taught workshops, leads her own spiritual house, written a few books, does private tarot readings, and much more.  All this is to say she has great experience and knowledge to share.


It’s my belief that if you want to get a good sampling of any book it’s best to read the Table of Contents and the Introduction.  I recommend you do the same.  As this is a Very, Very Short Book Review, I will say Lilith gives you what you need to perform successful love magic: from self-love and happiness spells; house cleaning and blessing; love-food recipes (she’s an amazing cook!!); romance, love, passion, and sex; marriage, fertility; to “Love and Sex Rites and Rituals”.  She also gives you an appendix of herbs, oils and crystals and their usage in love spells.  The other half of magic, besides the ingredients, spells, and rituals, is your own energy, focus, and will and intent.


Here are the page numbers and titles of 3 of my favorites (there are others):

  1. Clear my Mind’s Eye Gris-Gris Bag Spell, p. 22 (for clarity in love and other life aspects)
  2. Roasted Rose Chicken, p. 60  (for a romantic love night)
  3. Damballa and Aida Wedo Marriage Oil, p. 102  (“…to strengthen long-term connection between you and your partner, … also help … support and encourage each other”)

Lilith is based in NYC, so if you’re here or if you want to make an appointment for a reading, I HIGHLY recommend doing so; it’s well worth it. She also has a blog on Patheos: 

If you want to know more about her check out her Website: 


If you would like more love in your life as we enter into the lusty month of May and the sultry summer, then get a copy of this book and take charge of your desires. Check it out on Amazon here.


Happy Loving!

Blessed Beltane!