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Meditation Moments - Spring Bear Meditation


 Spring Bear Meditation

by Nanci, of Strangers' Gate Coven

Close your eyes and take deep breaths as you consciously relax yourself from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Look on the familiar darkness of the screen of your mind's eye, and see a pinpoint of light that v…

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Pagan Playlists - Spring Equinox 2018 Edition

by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


Ahhhh ... more sunlight! 

When I awaken at 5:30am, it’s dark. However, the beauty of the dawn is only an hour or less away as I write this in mid-February. More light means life! Who cares if it’s nippy and brisk one day or f’n freezing because of bit…

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TSP's 2018 Imbolc Playlist



by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


I love music. I love singing and dancing. As my teacher once said to me “pray once, sing twice” meaning spoken words are good, but singing adds more energy to your words of devotion, request, or gratitude. Add the body movements of dancing and y…

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