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Meditation Moments - Spring Bear Meditation


 Spring Bear Meditation

by Nanci, of Strangers' Gate Coven

Close your eyes and take deep breaths as you consciously relax yourself from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Look on the familiar darkness of the screen of your mind's eye, and see a pinpoint of light that very slowly grows with each breath until it fills your inner vision with brightness.

When your vision clears you find yourself standing in a winter wonderland. A few inches of snow covers the small glen you're in and the rocky slope before you, but you can make out a rough path up the incline. It's snowing, and you hug yourself within the thick fur coat you're wearing. You pull up the heavy hood to protect your head from the crisp wind, and as you fully
envelop yourself in the furry warmth you find yourself changing. You feel heavier, stronger. Your sense of smell is heightened, and the sudden tang of pine needles makes you sneeze. You drop to all fours as a great grizzly bear, and begin to lumber up the rocky path. Ice crackles under your heavy paws as you cross a trickling stream, your instincts guiding you through the snowy landscape to a cave beneath the roots of a huge tree. You shake the snow from your fur as you sleepily enter your winter home. About 20 feet from the entrance is a cozy niche where you can curl up with your back against a monstrous gnarled root. You sense the immense age of the tree and feel the sluggish energy of the sap in the roots echoed in the slowing of your breathing as you sink into hibernation.

You sleep as the Great Mother sleeps.

Time passes. You are unaware of how many times the sun moon and stars have risen and fallen over the world above, but eventually some part of you notes the warming of the air, the quickening of the sap in the great tree root at your back, and the sounds of the land reawakening. You stretch slowly, scratch your great rumbling belly, and roll to your feet. You shuffle to the entrance of your cave and into the warming sunlight, then down the stream now dancing merrily across your path. You dip you snout into the shallow waters and lap up gulp after refreshing gulp. 

Crossing the stream you go up to a rough barked old tree and rise up on your  hind legs so you can rub your back against it as only a bear can do well. Aaaaaahhhhhh.... As you give yourself a good scratch you eventually find yourself painlessly sloughing off your heavy fur until your true self emerges. You revel in the new day, the singing birds, the sights and sounds of vibrant life around you, the feeling of renewal. Taking deep breaths of the clean fresh air you let the warmth of the new spring sun on your skin energize you until you begin to glow within and without. You close your eyes and revel in Life.

Slowly you realize you no longer sense the bear's glen. You are gazing again at that comfortable darkness behind your closed eyes. Become aware of your body in its current state, of the noises of the city, and of the people around you. Wiggle your fingers and toes. Take deep breaths, and when you are ready open your eyes and Be Here Now.



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