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TSP's 2018 Imbolc Playlist



by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


I love music. I love singing and dancing. As my teacher once said to me “pray once, sing twice” meaning spoken words are good, but singing adds more energy to your words of devotion, request, or gratitude. Add the body movements of dancing and your energy flows outward connecting you to the Spirit of Place, Nature, the Divine both within and outside of you. You are lifted. 


When a Sabbat approaches, I like to put myself in the flavor of the holy day(s). As a big Pinterest fan, I searched for everything pertaining to each Sabbat and came across Ozark Pagan Mama’s pins, one of which were Sabbat playlists! Oh the joy!! I’ve found that she not only has similar spiritual leanings as me, but also pagan/paganesque musical taste. 


To create my own playlist, I used Ozark Pagan Mama’s list as an inspirational jump-off point. Some songs she and I had in common. Once into my iTunes adventure, I explored musicians known and unknown to me. Sometimes I get a little tired of the twinkling-airy-harp and high-pitched voices that marks some pagan music. You may like my list or not. It’s a personal choice. Go out and explore!


Songs with an asterisk are from Ozark Pagan Mama’s playlist. 

All of these songs you can find on iTunes for purchase. 


Below is the playlist for Imbolc:



  1. *Gabhaim Molte Bride – Claire Roche
  2. Brighid – Damh the Bard
  3. Holy Water – Mothertongue
  4. Return to the Mother – Reclaiming & Friends
  5. Born of Water - Reclaiming & Friends
  6. Holy Water, Sacred Flame – Anne Hill
  7. Song for Bridghid – Featherscale
  8. *Brighid’s Kiss – La Lugh
  9. *Song for Bridghid – Lisa Thiel
  10. *The Quickening – Spiral Dance
  11. *Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennit 
  12. *Brighid – Kellianna 
  13. St. Bridghid’s Well – Gayla Drake Paul
  14. *Imbolc – Lisa Thiel



Please support the wonderful artists listed above, explore the music, and have a Blessed Imbolc!




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