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TSP's 2018 Autumn Equinox Playlist


by Denise Cruci, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


Cooler temperatures. Reds, oranges, yellows, greenish-yellow, and Browns colors explode from gnarled tree branches. Seed pods fall amongst wet sidewalks and dying grasses. Royal blue skies give way to pale blue and grey clouds. The Earth births the abundant harvest of vegetables, squashes, pumpkins, potatoes, onions, and fruits of apple and grape varieties. It’s the season where Nature lets go and prepares to gather-in and rest. It is time for the second harvest!


A Time Of Balance

For us, we are busy! Busy enjoying the last warm and sunny days outdoors with friends. Busy with Fall-only fun activities here in the Northeast: Apple picking, visiting vineyards, getting kids outside after school, hitting the farmers’ markets. Busy getting what we’ll need for the colder months: buying winter boots and jacket, storing summer gear, and making repairs to our homes. 


With all of our comings and goings, there is a balance we can recognize if we stop a take a moment to be present in the season. The Equinox day is when light and dark is roughly the same length. After this the evening/night will darken earlier until the solstice. Remember to find the balance within you. Some songs on this list sing about everything having its season because life is a cycle. That’s why the Sabbats are called The Wheel Of the Year.


Pagan Thanksgiving - A Time of Gratitude

Just like in the spring, I like to throw my windows open, let in the fresh air, and, dance ‘n’ sing while cleaning! I do a purge (it’s never-ending) and although it’s difficult to let go sometimes it’s the best thing to do. Then I do a big spiritual cleansing not because I think anyone’s “out to harm me”, but because energy gets stale and stuck in places, plus I remove some basic House magicks and freshen them up. 


After all that, I take a breather (I’m very fond of resting). Mabon is also a time to take stock of what you have in your life, what you set out to accomplish this year, and, which dreams you had to let go. Sometimes that comes with a twinge of sadness. Songs on this list also have a flavor of resignation. It’s ok to feel sad. Many deities start their process of going to the underworld and there is sadness at what is lost. At Samhain I’ll write more about the Underworld and darkness. However, the Dark Place is not our permanent residence. There is hope, if you chose to embrace it. Invite friends over and share what you have accomplished. A pot luck is perfect for that!


Celebrate & Be Present

It’s also the season of Pumpkin Spice! So grab a cup, get some pungent cheeses, stuffed grape leaves, olives, sliced crisp apples, a blanket and a friend and head out to the countryside, the public park, or even your rooftop to enjoy the autumn air. Sit back and listen to the playlist.


The Playlist 

These songs are my choices. Some are are also from Ozark Paganmama’s Autumn Equinox Playlist. If you don’t like them or don’t agree, feel free to make your own. It’s even better for you! 


Blessed Mabon!

Denise, HPS, North Wyldewood Coven

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