Temple of the Spiral Path

TSP's 2018 Lughnasadh and Lammas Playlist

by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


Reaping Seeds We Have Sown

The start of the Harvest is upon us! 


I can not believe it’s already here. Harvest is both literal and magickal. Lughnasadh (Celtic/Irish) or Lammas (General Wiccan/Pagan) is the first of 3 Harvest festivals each with a different focus. In TSP we call this sabbat Lughnasadh and mark it with story telling, games and homebaked foods in ritual. 


We are now reaping the early benefits of what we have sown at Spring Equinox. 


Maybe you have a little garden and some veggies and berries are ripening for eating. I have a Fire Escape Garden. #BrooklynLife We just ate the first two yellow cherry tomatoes. Delish! 


Or maybe the seed you planted was more of a spiritual and/or spell-working in nature. The path to receiving what you desire may have been positively smooth and you’re doing the Happy Dance of “Oh yeahhhh! I got it!” Celebrate! But don’t forget to offer thanks to whomever you called upon to aid you (Universe, Goddess and God, Brid, Thor, Demeter, Freya, etc). 


Sometimes our journey to harvesting is a lot more rocky. You put things in motion with your idea. You are then tempered by the transforming Fire of actions. It hammers us into form. That can be painful. The saying “That which does not kill you makes you stronger” is about persevering in the face of challenges. Maybe you needed to go through certain actions in order for you to be ready for the next stage and then onto manifestation. Self-care, rest and moving forward through any dark places you may encounter is important to keep in mind. 


Also, stop and appreciate your own journey up to this point. It’s good to pause and take stock of what you have achieved and plan for how you should proceed from here to reap your full Harvest. 

The Playlist

As always, some of these songs are from Ozark Pagan Mama’s list. Please feel free to explore her blog! This sabbat’s Playlist is shorter than the last one. 



  1. Circle Casting Song (feat. Susan Falkenrath) by Reclaiming
  2. Lughnasadh by Damh the Bard
  3. Lughnasadh Dance by Damh the Bard
  4. We All Come from the Goddess/Hoof and Horn by Reclaiming
  5. By the Earth by Elaine Silver
  6. Sun King by Reclaiming
  7. Lammas by Lisa Thiel
  8. The Harvest by Rick Hamouris
  9. Thank You Mother by Killianna
  10. Horned One by Buffalo
  11. In the Spirit of the Earth by Mothertongue
  12. Harvest Moon by Neil Young
  13. Heartbeat of Harvest (Lughnasadh) by Cernunnos Rising
  14. Lughnasadh by Omnia



To Listen to the Full Playlist, click HERE


Harvest Blessings to you,

Denise, HPS




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