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TSP's 2018 Samhain Playlist

by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


Season of the Witch

31 Days Of Halloween

Fright Fest

All Hallows’ Eve

All Souls Day

Dia de los Muertos


For most witches and pagans, and a fair number of non-Magick folk, too, these words stir up night coming early, crisp temperatures, and who knows what lurks in the darkness ... 



It is the place of endings and beginnings. We are buried under the earth and we are nurtured in the womb. From Samhain to Beltane we are in the Dark Half of the year, the winter months. Both Samhain and Beltane are Sabbats which are the end of one part of the year and the beginning of another thus making them days out of Time, neither one or the other, liminal. 


In the dark it is hard to see and what is unknown is often feared. So it is our fears which haunt the forest of our inner landscapes. But there is great power in the darkness, the shadows. Once we confront and integrate our shadow-selves, we become whole owning our power. Not to say this journey is easy or done in one season! Lol 


To the Celts, and some other cultures, places and times that were in between were considered openings that let in or opened up to the Otherworld.


The Veil to the Otherworld

The Otherworld isn’t necessarily a separate location, but rather a layer of our world. At Samhain, as the end of the growing season, the Veil thins and our ancestors are more easily able to be accessed; although they are never far from us. 


The Good Folk in Celtic mythology travel to their winter homes. Some are beautiful to behold while others are hideous. The Wild Hunt rides accompanied by the Dead led by Herne the Hunter. In Norse mythology, the Wild Hunt is led by Odin/Woden. Skeletal figures and the creatures of the Wild dark join in the frenzy of wind and moans. Hence we have our traditions of dressing up in fantastical costumes. We may walk among them, and them with us, on these three nights of the festival. 


The Goddesses and Gods

This is also the time where we can learn and gain wisdom from the gods of the dead. Cerridwen (Welsh) has her cauldron of death and birth which offers a shamanic rebirth; Freya (Norse) who can speak with the dead while in a seidh-trance, receives half the battle-slain, and yet incites lust, love, and sex; Inanna (Sumerian) strips herself to enter the underworld to die and bring back her lover, and is transformed stronger; Rihannon (Welsh) who suffered a great loss and travelled to the underworld to regain her child; Hekate (Greek) goddess of the Crossroads, Of Magic, the moon, and witchcraft among other things; Persephone the wife of Hades, Lord of the Underworld, is the spring maiden grown into the woman ruler of the dead. 


Dionysus (Greek) is the thrice born god of vegetation, dance and theater, and, wild places which can bring madness and/or communion with deity; Odin/Woden has many faces and, like Dionysus, can offer madness as well as knowledge, Magic, and speaking with ancestors; Herne the Hunter (Celtic) is a god of animals and the wild dark forest. 


This is not a complete list and is not the focus of my post. These gods and goddesses either transform or are transformed by their experiences and can offer power, knowledge, and guidance. But beware, you must be open to their words and ready for the challenges. 



The Playlist


The themes and gods are mentioned or honored in this playlist. One other theme which may, at first, seem like it doesn’t belong: sex and death. Sex is part of the life cycle. When there is fear, there can be a feeling of separation. Sex reunites parts and reaffirms life. In French and orgasam is called Le petit mort, “the little death”. So some of the songs have a dark sexiness to them. 


Another way to handle your fears when you confront them is to laugh, so some songs included are a bit campy. 


The music genres are wide in range: Pagan, New Age, folk/storyteller, rock, metal, jazz, classical, and instrumental. You don’t have to agree with my selection. Maybe you don’t find Marilyn Manson dirty-sexy like I do, so make your choices and enjoy!

To listen, click here



Blessings of the gods, otherworldly beings, & ancestors to you this Samhain!



HPS, North Wyldewood Coven

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