Temple of the Spiral Path

TSP's 2019 God Playlist

by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


The God 


The Oak King

The Sun King

Lord of the Greenwood

God of the Harvest & Agriculture


God of Wine, God of Beer

God of Ecstasy 

Lord of the Wild Hunt

The Warrior / Protector

Holly King

Winter King

Lord of the Underworld 

God of the Gallows


God of Justice 



     By these and many other forms and epithets do we know “The God”. For some, the gods are individuals, while for others, all gods are aspects of one universal male energy. Generally speaking: He is the active energy that projects outward. This is balanced by the female, or feminine, energy which is receptive and contains; she holds the energy. In order for Life to Become, these two must be attracted/drawn to one another. Then there must be the active masculine energy to project into the feminine receptive energy, and thus something new is created, a third form of the combined energies. 


Whew! Good thing we are each Creators, for we each have masculine and feminine energies within us: testosterone and estrogen. 


It does not matter whether you believe in individual gods or one universal masculine energy, what’s important is for you to get in touch with and own your masculine energy. Active energy allows you to stand up for yourself, feel self-confident, and for you to take actual steps toward your goals. 


There is also knowledge given to us from a god. Hephaestus gave humans the knowledge of Fire. Osiris taught us agriculture and how to brew beer. Tyr teaches us to honor our deals and accept the consequences of our actions. Lugh teaches us to diversify our skills.



The Playlist

So listen to this playlist and call out to the god of your choice and ask for his guidance. Sing and dance in honor of the god. Feel yourself building in power, strength, and knowledge. Remember to keep your masculine and feminine energies within balance inside of you. 



Bright Blessings,

Denise, HPS

North Wyldewood Coven


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