Temple of the Spiral Path

TSP's 2019 Goddess Playlist

by Denise Cruci, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


All of the songs listed in this months' playlist focus on the Goddess in her many forms. I have not included every goddess, but I’ve tried to give a sampling. Non-Specific and cherished individual goddesses are named. The songs honor Her and/or sing out to Her for blessings. 


In the beginning, in some origin myths, there is a Mother who gives birth to All. Out of the Ocean Mother’s womb, Life crawls out onto Earth Mother’s shores. Each pantheon knows Them by a different name with a different story. 


As Within, So Without

The Mother resides in all of us. She is the voice encouraging us to follow our dreams - tell us that yes, we *can* do it. She is the nurturer telling us to take care of ourselves. She possesses an inner strength which allows her to search for what she wants and receive it as in the story of Demeter and Persephone.  If you love the Mother (So Without), then you should strive to love yourself (So Within). 


The Maiden is also found within us. She is the optimism of a new day, the belief that you can make changes in your self, your tribe, your community, and the world. She is the risk taker urging us to try wholeheartedly because may be it *just* might work! She falls in love. If we take in the Maiden’s inspiration (So Without), then we can continue to take steps to create and believe in ourselves (So Within).


The Crone is earned with time and testing. She is the challenger who makes demands of us that we think are impossible, but once we have worked through them we come out stronger! She is transformation of the self. She brings wisdom from hard won lessons, gleaned from meeting sorrow, troubles, and trials. She cautions us to not get stuck in bad feelings because they, too, are temporary. She teaches us patience, even if we have to go through a lesson several times. She also teaches us that sometimes there is nothing we can do about a situation and so we must accept things as they are. If you admire Her wisdom (So Without), then develop patience and acceptance of yourself (So Within). 


Nothing is As It Seems

There are no hard and fast lines about the goddesses. Just because Cerridwen can be seen as a Crone goddess doesn’t mean she can not understand the love of the Mother. Some goddesses don’t fit into one category. Just as we as humans don’t fit into only one named category (I am Denise the daughter of Kathryn) so too do the gods have multiple aspects to their personalities (I am Denise teacher, daughter, HPS, Freyja’s daughter, JR’s girlfriend, Aries-Taurus, student, friend, Nature lover, etc). However, there are subjects which each goddess/god is NOT the best to go to like Petitioning Aphrodite for fidelity (or Denise for high school math skills lol).


Getting to know the goddess is not just for those who identify as female. She is for everyone! We all have male and female within us - estrogen and testosterone. 



During this Light Half of the year, the growing season, see how you can grow closer to the goddess within you by honoring the goddesses outside of you. Please understand that some of these goddesses have specific ways in which their culture worships them. Be respectful of that culture. Below is a book written by Lilith Dorsey that gives various ways in which you can get closer to the Divine Feminine which is beyond the scope of this article.  55 Ways to Connect to Goddess    



Enjoy the playlist!



Solstice Blessings to you!

Denise, High Priestess

North Wyldewood Coven 


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