Temple of the Spiral Path

TSP's 2019 Water and Earth Playlist

by Denise, HPS of North Wyldewood Coven


Water & Earth Playlist


The seasons of Autumn and Winter are rainy and cold respectively; therefore, the Autumn is related to the element of Water and the Winter is related to the element of Earth.



The element of Water is associated with the direction of the West.  This is the place of the setting sun and in a few cultures, Celtic and Egyptian for example, it is where the Otherworld and/or Underworld is located.  Thus magick, intuition, and psychic communication are some of the attributes of Water.  Water is also fluid, the ocean, lakes, and other bodies of water, obviously.  It represents the ebb and flow of life, the emotions, and mysteries of the unknown.



The element of Earth is associated with the direction of the North.  Earth is what we walk upon, where we get our sustenance from, and is the physical world in which we live.  It upholds and holds, like when we put our dead under the ground or in a mound. The earth holds caves and the darkness within them. Here we have the mysteries of life and death and rebirth for we come from the darkness of the womb and we return to the darkness of the tomb.


Water and Earth

Both of these elements are receptive: things go into them and they hold them in the watery depths or the silence of the soil.  Each of these elements is feminine as well.  They are the divine feminine: Mother Earth and Ocean Mother.  They are life giving, abundant, and potentially gentle.  They can also be life taking, barren, and terrifyingly overwhelming (tsunami and earthquake).


The Playlist

These songs are meant to be evocative of each element and/or honoring a deity.  If listened to or sung by you while sitting in the water or sitting touching the earth, and if you close your eyes and focus your Will and Intent on connecting with the element, then you can strengthen your own powers of manifestation (Earth) and intuition (Water).  I suggest “We Are One” by Mothertongue for Earth and “The River She is Flowing” by Flight of the Hawk.






Enjoy listening and connecting!

Bright Blessings,


Denise, HPS

North Wyldewood Coven

Temple of the Spiral Path

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