Temple of the Spiral Path

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Temple of the Spiral Path

Mother's Night - First Night of Yule

7:30-10pm Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019 

Ripley Grier Studios - 520 8th Ave.

Join Strangers' Gate and North Wyldewood Covens on a night just before the Winter Solstice, as we honor our ancestral mothers and the Goddess Frigga. Come celebrate with us in a Norse-style Wiccan ritual, to honor the Disir - protectors of the family line, hearth, and home.

The ritual will take place at Ripley Grier studios, 520 8th Ave. location, from 7:30-10pm. Ritual will begin promptly at 7:45, and will be followed by feasting and fellowship!

Tickets: At the door, $15. In advance, $10. No ticket required for children under 12. Purchase tickets ONLINE NOW at Eventbrite!

GRAB BAG: Give a gift, get a gift! $10-$20 price range, age and gender neutral. It is entirely optional to participate.

CHILDREN: Separate gifts for small children (aged 12 and under) will be provided. ***If you will be bringing a child, please let us know at least 5 days prior to the ritual, and include what age the child is, so that we can plan appropriately.

FEASTING: Please bring a dish to share. Include a note for allergy warnings. To be earth-friendly, please try to bring your own utensils.

PLUS BYO drinking horn or chalice/cup for the many ritual toasts!

Blessed Yule!