Temple of the Spiral Path

The Temple of the Spiral Path's Hearthfire Winter Study is an intermediate-to-advanced level program, taught by the full complement of the Shadowfolk Teaching Collective, who are all part of our eclectic Shadowfolk Tradition. 


These classes cover in-depth historical studies, magickal theory, technique, and practice, as well as divination, ritual, and devotional work. This unique course of study takes place in a Shadowfolk tradition, coven-like environment.

After completion of the Hearthfire curriculum, a seeker may be invited to join one of the two covens in the Temple.  After completing Hearthfire, the member chooses to continue on either the Degree Path or the path of the Community Circle.



Commitment Level: Medium. You will experience a Shadowfolk Tradition coven-like environment, participate in group Hearthfire projects, and be expected to attend all classes.  Class fees are due on a monthly basis, and must be paid by the 1st of each month during Hearthfire. We have a sliding fee scale of $60-$85 per month of Hearthfire classes. 

Requirements to join

    ◦    Attend 3 Grove classes within the last 3 years.

    ◦    Attend 3 Open Rituals within the last 3 years

    ◦    Submit an online application (2019 Application period: Aug. 1 - Oct. 12th, 2019.)

    ◦    Participate in an interview via Skype with an Elder member of the Temple. (Interviews will take place in early Oct., 2019.)

Entrance into Hearthfire is offered by invitation only, to students who have attended at least 3 Grove Classes and 3 Temple Open Rituals in the past three years, and completed an application and interview process.  


Registration for this year's Hearthfire (Nov. 2018-May 2019) is now closed, but another Hearthfire class will begin in Nov. 2019. Applications for next year's Hearthfire will be posted in July, 2019.