Temple of the Spiral Path

Commitment and the Paths of Our Tradition:


Joining the Temple of the Spiral Path and our family of covens may be different from other Wiccan groups. We believe in building strong ties between our members by participating in creative, meaningful community events together.  Powerful magick and change can be effected through the deep levels of Perfect Love and Trust we form through our combined efforts in study and worship.  To attain this family-like bond, our tradition asks for a high level of commitment from its members.


All members of the Temple must participate in initial Shadowfolk Grove classes, and complete the Hearthfire program of study.  In general, these programs of study take a student a full year and a day to complete. Students must then select, and/or be invited, to join one of our covens.  Since spiritual growth is not one-size-fits-all, our Tradition offers different Paths which members may choose to travel with us. 

Following Grove and Hearthfire, and admission to a coven, the Path Walker (aka Pre-Dedicant) chooses either to continue their journey on the Degree Path (working towards attaining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree initiations in the Tradition) or to become a Community Circle Pathwalker, who participates only in Sabbats and Sabbat planning meetings, Esbats, as well as select events as a dedicated member of one coven.  


Below, we’ve outlined the basic steps and Paths found within our tradition.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us or talk to us at any of our open EVENTS.



Walking the Spiral - An Outline

Our Shadowfolk Grove program is open to all seekers in the NYC area, and is taught by members of the Temple’s Teaching Collective.  These introductory classes cover basic ritual structure, comparative mythology, sacred music and art, spellcraft, guided journey work, nature studies, and much more.  This series of classes is offered once per year, and runs from April through October.  For more details, please see our GROVE page. 

  • Requirements to join: Open to all, ages 18+.


After completing Hearthfire, prospective members continue on either the Degree Path or the path of the Community Circle.  For more, please see our HEARTHFIRE page.

  • Commitment Level: Medium. You will experience a coven-like environment, participate in group Hearthfire projects, and be expected to attend all classes.
  • Requirements to join
    • ​Attend 3 Grove classes within the last 3 years.
    • Attend 3 Open Rituals within the last 3 years
    • Submit an online application. (2019 Application period: Aug. 8 - Oct. 14th, 2019.)
    • Partipate in an interview with an Elder of the Temple, via Skype. (Interviews will take place in Oct., 2019.)


Degree Path Walker

As a member of the Degree path, the Path Walker commits themselves to complete course work, research, rituals, and teaching requirements for each of the degree levels (outlined below).  The Path Walker delves deeper into coven life and responsibilities as a member of the Temple.  The commitment level for the Degree Path is Moderate to High.


1st Degree: The 1st Degree Path Walker teaches 1 Grove class (e.g., Elements, Gods, Goddesses).  A 1st Degree can also facilitate esbats within the coven.


2nd Degree: The 2nd Degree teaches Sabbat Lore and is involved in planning and co-facilitating the open Grove Sabbat.  2nd Degrees can also lead an open (public) rituals.


3rd Degree: Upon earning 3rd Degree (Priestess/Priest elevation), the coven member is able to pursue their individual spiritual interest and start-up a Special Interest Group within the Temple. These may end up being workshops for the public or just within the Temple. After completing a year and a day as an active 3rd Degree Pathwalker, the member may be invited to become an Elder of the Shadowfolk Tradition.


Or, if the 3rd Degree’s interest is to hive and lead their own TSP Coven, the 3rd Degree takes the High Priest/High Priestess Series of Workshops in preparation to receive their Ordination. They also serve as Primary Facilitator for a Grove and Hearthfire season. Ordination is conferred when there is a group of students for the 3rd Degree to lead.



Community Circle Pathwalker

Community Circle Pathwalkers (CCPs) attend Sabbat (including the planning meeting prior to Sabbat) and Esbat rituals as members of their coven, deepening their connection to the Gods and their spirituality throughout the Wheel of the Year. CCPs choose not to pursue the more intensive, advanced coursework and classes which lead to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree initiations in the Shadowfolk tradition.


CCPs are full members of their covens and can participate in their rituals, as well as in all public Temple events, community service projects, Temple-wide retreats, and some Special Interest groups. (Examples of Temple SIGs include: Tarot Study groups, Dance and Drumming workshops, Book Club get-togethers, and more!)


To maintain their status as a CCP member, these members must attend at least 6 out of 8 Sabbat rituals and 6 out of 12 moon rituals per year.