Temple of the Spiral Path

Our Covens

The Temple of the Spiral Path practices the Shadowfolk Tradition of Wicca, which emphasizes a deep, personal connection to the spirits and forces of Nature and the Gods. There are two covens within the Temple: Stranger's Gate Coven, and the North Wyldewood Coven.  Members of both covens work together to facilitate public rituals, host workshops, and teach our Grove and Hearthfire study programs as members of our Teaching Collective. (See our GROVE and HEARTHFIRE pages for more on these programs.) On this page, we've listed a little bit more about each coven, and their particular style of celebration and work within the tradition.







North Wyldewood Coven

Denise Cruci, High Priestess.

Founded in New York City in 2003, the North Wyldewood Coven (NWC) honors the natural world and the embodiments of the divine around and within us. We do so by bringing ourselves into balance with the seasons of the Earth and cycles of the Moon through the Shadowfolk Tradition. The members of NWC are creative-minded teachers, herbalists, musicians, healers, and permaculturalists. Individually, we practice various forms of meditation and journey work, and these elements infuse our rituals.  Coven rituals are often held out doors (Prospect and Central Parks, the Appalachian trail in NJ, the forests of Vermont and upstate NY, Brighton Beach). Annually, we go on a coven retreat.  We are “Wylde” Witches of the Woods, the place where this world and the Otherworld meet.  We are not only dedicated to the protection of the land and our Tradition, but also to one another's growth along the Spiral Path.

Strangers' Gate Coven

Strangers' Gate Coven was established in 2001 by Robin and Valerie who were two of the Elders (High Priest and High Priestess) of Shadowfolk Coven. They had both participated in the Shadowfolk Tradition of a Teaching Collective, teaching years of public classes and sharing the knowledge they'd acquired in their studies with other coven members, and together they expanded the established curriculum and leaned towards more academic practices than the Mother Coven. Their students have continued the academic and ritual tradition over the years, with members coming and going as the Wheel turned. Robin and Valerie are now considered Professors Emeritus/Emerita as they have gone on to other pursuits. The current coven consists of Ruthann, Athena, and Nanci, all Elders within the Shadowfolk Tradition. We meet regularly to celebrate the eight Sabbats and most Esbats, and have taken to invoking the Power of Three in many of our rituals -- calling upon the Divine Androgyne as well as a God and Goddess -- as we take on all of the roles that are a part of our ritual format. We look forward to being active members of the Shadowfolk Teaching Collective again, and welcoming new seekers in the years to come.