Temple of the Spiral Path

About The Temple of the Spiral Path

Founded in 1995 by Kaitlin Creed, The Temple of the Spiral Path represents the family of covens - Strangers' Gate and North Wyldewood - practicing the Shadowfolk Tradition of Witchcraft. 



The Shadowfolk Tradition

The Shadowfolk Tradition of Witchcraft honors the artistic soul of the Old Religion and celebrates our connection to the Old Ones through ritual music, transformative storytelling, poetry, and many other artforms. Devotion to the Lord and Lady is expressed by drawing upon the magickal creative abilities inherent in everyone.



Scholarship and Deep Learning

A strong emphasis on scholarship supports our use of the devotional arts.  A special focus is placed on the contributions of the Irish Celts and Norse folkloric traditions.  However, our work is not limited to these influences; the Shadowfolk Tradition explores the rich tapestry of the Western Mysteries within a Wiccan framework.

We are also strongly committed to our wider community, and offer intensive Wiccan courses such as the 7-month Shadowfolk Grove: First Steps on the Spiral Path (open to all) and the Hearthfire course (by invitation only) in Manhattan.  

Details for our 2019 Shadowfolk Grove course, beginning in April, are online here. Registration is open.

Applications for admittance to our next intermediate/advanced-level course, Hearthfire, will open in August of 2019.  See our website on Hearthfire study for details.



Upcoming Rituals:

Open Lughnasadh in the Park!

Sat., Aug 3, 2019 - 12-3:30pm

Central Park - West side near 72nd Street entrance

See our EVENTS page for details